Schedule of the conference


The program of the conference is the following. Times are shown in CEST (left) and EDT (right) timezones.

Tue 22 Wed 23 Thu 24 Fri 25
10:30 AM
Hong-Yan Shih
Emergence of collective evolution, ecological stability and diversity in bacteria and viruses from multi-scale feedback
Jonathan Friedman
Community composition of microbial microcosms follows simple assembly rules at evolutionary timescales
Ville Laitinen
Robust detection of early warning signals in limited time series
Vishwesha Guttal
Intrinsic noise, order and bistability in ecological systems
4:30 AM
10:45 AM
Shane Hogle
Co-evolution reorganizes the consumer competitive hierarchy in a two-consumer microbial ecosystem
Enrico Gavagnin
Synchronised oscillations in growing cell populations are explained by demographic noise
Ada Altieri
Evidence of glassy phases in large interacting ecosystems with finite demographic noise
Lorenzo Fant
Eco-evolutionary dynamics lead to functionally robust and redundant communities
4:45 AM
11:00 AM
Marta Biondo
The collective dynamics of aerotaxis in an eukaryotic simple model
Philipp Thomas
Stochasticity in cellular growth: sources, propagation and consequences
Andrea Riba
A Model-Driven Quantitative Analysis of Retrotransposon Distributions in the Human Genome
Andrea Mazzolini
Evolutionary regularities in models with generic demographic dynamics
5:00 AM
11:15 AM
Michael Manhart
Predictability of bacterial adaptation at high resolution under antibiotic stress
Julien Tailleur
Motility regulation as a self-organization principle
Stefano Garlaschi
An Effective Resource-Competition Model for Species Coexistence
Jean-François Arnoldi
Fitness and community feedbacks: the two axis that drive long-term invasion impacts
5:15 AM
11:30 AM
Lukas Eigentler
Founder cell locations predict outcome of competitive interactions within colony biofilms
Silvia Zaoli
A macroecological description of gut microbial community dynamics
Valentina Ros
Counting equilibria of large well-mixed ecosystems with asymmetric interactions
Luigi Esercito
Lines of descent in a Moran model with frequency-dependent selection and mutation
5:30 AM
11:45 AM
Marco Mauri
Conditions and trade-offs to enhance protein production in synthetic bacterial communities
Maria Ruiz Ortega
Statistical analysis on antibody sharing repertoires
Mike Fowler
Emergent Dynamics in Evolutionary Games Played in Small World and Random Networks
Enrico Di Gaspero
Phylogeny and population genetics: The mutation process on the ancestral line
5:45 AM
12:00 PM
Maaike Sangster
Conditions and trade-offs to enhance protein production in synthetic bacterial communities - Poster
Giorgio Nicoletti
Modeling the emergence of scale-free fire outbreaks in Australia
Francesco Puccioni
Stochastic agent-based models of cell population growth
David Alonso
Rule-based disease dynamics, long-term predictions, and stochasticity in COVID19
6:00 AM
12:05 PM
Alex Samoletov
Statistical approach to mathematical modeling in population dynamics and ecology
Benjamin Planque
Possibilistic modelling of food-web dynamics based on Chance and Necessity (CaN)
Chandler Ross
Stationary Density Predictions Based on Simulations and Real Data
6:05 AM
12:10 PM
Maksim Mazuryn
Mean Field Game Model for Diel Vertical Migration
Thibaut Morel-Journel
When expansion flounders: an extension of the concept of range pinning in ecology
Discussion 6:10 AM
12:15 PM
Discussion Discussion Break 6:15 AM
12:45 PM
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1:00 PM
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2:30 PM
Rosalind Allen
Modelling the establishment of marine biofouling communities
Eric Dykeman
Towards a whole cell stochastic model of the ribosome in the cell
Agnese Seminara
Sensory navigation in turbulent environments
Amandine Véber
The effects of a weak selection pressure in a spatially structured population
8:30 AM
3:30 PM
Alvaro Sanchez
Engineering microbial communities by artificial selection
David Nelson
On Growth and Form of Microorganisms on Liquid Substrates
Nigel Goldenfeld
Topological scaling laws and the statistical mechanics of evolution
Corina Tarnita
Lack of synchronization: a key for collective systems robustness?
9:30 AM
4:30 PM
Break Break Break Break 10:30 AM
5:00 PM
Terence Hwa
Extensive cross-feeding as a general mechanism of microbial cooperation
Susan Holmes
Latent factors and microbial communities in the human microbiome
Daniel Fisher
Ecology, Continual Evolution, and Fine-Scale Microbial Diversity: What should — or should not — be surprising?
Eleni Katifori
Coarse grained models for transport in spatially embedded contact networks
11:00 AM
6:00 PM
Martina Dal Bello
Resource-diversity relationships in bacterial communities reflect the network structure of microbial metabolism
Filippo Valle
Emergent statistical laws in single-cell transcriptomic data
Matteo Sireci
A macroecological law of species interaction in microbial communities
Lorenzo Masoero
More for less: Predicting and maximizing genetic variant discovery via Bayesian nonparametrics
12:00 PM
6:15 PM
Matti Gralka
Niche partitioning and community assembly in marine microbes
Connah Johnson
Modelling environmental-metabolic feedback in spatially distributed populations of chemically coupled cells
Nicola Rigolli
Robust prediction of target location using turbulent odor plumes
Hardik Rajpal
Causal emergence and top-down control in Tangled Nature Model
12:15 PM
6:30 PM
Sylvie Estrela
Functional attractors in microbial community assembly
Ricardo Martinez-Garcia
Species exclusion and coexistence in stochastic models with a competition-colonization tradeoff
Sophie De Buyl
Heavy-tailed abundance distributions from stochastic Lotka-Volterra models
Leonardo Miele
Control strategies for heterogeneous plant pathogens: evolutionary and agricultural consequences
12:30 PM
6:45 PM
Marco Saltini
Ontogenetic niche shifts and the potential for adaptive diversification
Moein Khalighi
The impact of ecological memory on a microbial community model
Gian Marco Palamara
The Stochastic Nature of Functional Responses
Georgios Gounaris
The vasculature as an optimal perfusion network
12:45 PM
6:50 PM
Amit Sharma
Modelling and simulation to suppress the spread of COVID19 with impulsive vaccination
12:50 PM
6:55 PM
Pedro Henrique Cintra
Evaluating the effect of non pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 infection dynamics through agent based models
12:55 PM
7:00 PM
Zoë Lange
Resolving Energy Storage in Extra-Embryonic Membranes
Discussion Discussion Conclusion 1:00 PM
7:05 PM
Discussion 1:05 PM

Green cells indicate contributed talks, red cells indicate invited talks and yellow cells indicate posters.

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